Our Curriculum

Official degree requirements are spelled out at greater length in the online Undergraduate Bulletin of the year in which you enter the program. During your studies you may switch to a subsequent bulletin, which will then become the authoritative source for you. The Glenn Korff School of Music online Undergraduate Handbook contains checklists for all the various degree programs. These checklists present the essential degree requirements in a more user-friendly form than the bulletin.

Degree requirements are also built intoDegree Audit, a web-based degree audit system that current UNL students can acccess and run through their on-line MyRed accounts.

Degree Options

Music Minor

Music Theatre Minor

Double Majors
It is possible for ambitious and academically successful music students to add one or more additional majors or degree programs outside the Glenn Korff School of Music to their program of studies. This is normally undertaken from a home base in the BA in Music or Dance, but is also possible to arrange from a home base in the BM degree. Interested students should declare their intentions to their academic adviser as soon as possible.