Undergraduate Admissions  ·  Audition Information

The Glenn Korff School of Music at UNL enthusiastically invites all students, regardless of academic major, to participate in one or more of our outstanding ensembles. Students do not have to be a music major to participate in any of the UNL music ensembles. There are groups of different sizes, experience levels, time commitment and musical repertoires from which to choose. Some of the ensembles (Campus Band, Campus Orchestra, All-Collegiate Choir, University Chorale and Varsity Men's Chorus) do not require auditions. Most required auditions take place during the first week of classes in the fall.

The Marching Band audition process takes place during the summer. Anyone interested in marching band participation should contact the Band Office at (402) 472-2505.

Opportunities for Non-Majors

Courses for non-majors that are taught on a regular basis include

Non-major Dance Classes

Dance classes are open to all UNL students according to the prerequisites listed in UNL Bulletin. Ballet and modern dance classes are the primary techniques offered, with elective classes in other areas.

Learn more about dance classes you can take at: https://arts.unl.edu/music/dance

Summer Non-Major Courses

Pre-session: May 20 - June 7 (Registration via MyRed: March 4 - May 19)

MUNM 301 - Music in Sports: Performance and Practice M - F 9:30 to 12:20

1st session: June 10 - July 12 (Registration via MyRed: March 4- June 9)

MUNM 275 - Music in Film - Contemporary Hollywood Films (online only)

MUNM 276G - The Music Experience (online only)

MUNM 287 - History of Rock Music (online only)

2nd session: July 15 - Aug. 15 (Registratration via MyRed: March 4 - July 14)

MUNM 287 - History of Rock Music (online only)

MUNM 333 - Psychology of Music (online only)