Undergraduate Audition Information

Undergraduate Audition Dates

Friday, February 4, 2022

Admission & Scholarship
Brass, Composition, Percussion, Voice & Woodwinds

Saturday, February 5, 2022

Admission & Scholarship
Dance, Keyboard, Strings (including Guitar) & Voice

Friday, February 18, 2022

Admission & Scholarship
Dance, Keyboard, Strings (no Guitar) & Voice

Saturday, February 19, 2022

Admission & Scholarship
Brass, Composition, Guitar, Percussion, Voice & Woodwinds

Audition Days Include

  • Hospitality Room for students and parents (coffee & breakfast items)
  • Practice Rooms for warm-up prior to audition
  • Information Sessions:
    Music Degrees and the Freshman Year
    Financial Aid
    Current Student Panel Discussion
  • Student Recital
  • Lunch provided for students and family

ADMISSION: Admission to the Glenn Korff School of Music as a music major or minor or as a dance major or minor requires an audition. The audition is in addition to the formal application process for admission to the University of Nebraska-Lincoln. (We encourage all prospective music students to complete their application for admission to UNL by February 1 in order to be eligible for university-wide scholarship support.) For information on university admissions, contact admissions@unl.edu 

Applicants who complete a successful audition as a major on or before the final Audition Days in February are automatically considered for Glenn Korff School of Music scholarship support.  We provide scholarship support from our own resources only to majors.  The request to audition as a music or dance major serves as the request to be considered for this source of scholarship support.  There is no additional form to complete for scholarship support from the Glenn Korff School of Music.

Performance auditions offer applicants the opportunity to demonstrate their ability to pursue college-level instruction in music or dance. Candidates may audition in more than one area, but should plan to audition in the area in which they can present the best possible performance. Students can choose only one area for major study. Major areas may be changed, pending faculty approval. Prospective composition majors, whether intending to pursue the BM or BME degree, must also pass a performance audition (at which they must demonstrate at least the skill level of a minor).

Music auditions are heard by the Glenn Korff School of Music faculty and are usually 10 minutes in length with the exception of percussion auditions which are 30 minutes in length. Vocal audition accompaniment is provided upon request, but rehearsal time with accompanist prior to the audition is not provided. To assist candidates in achieving a successful audition, each performance area has set forth audition requirements for their area. Please refer to this list to learn how to prepare for your instrumental or vocal audition.

The auditions for the dance major and minor are held simultaneously.  Applicants take a two-hour modern dance class taught by faculty and assisted by students.

Once you have applied to the University you as a music or dance major, you should emailthe auditions and scholarship coordinator to request your audition.


For questions regarding music and dance admissions and requesting an audition please contact: 

Kirsten Drennon
Auditions And Scholarship Coordinator
Glenn Korff School of Music
113 Westbrook Music Building
Lincoln, NE 68588-0100