Minor in Music or Dance

sheet music on a stand

About The Minor

The Glenn Korff School of Music offers minors in dance, music, and music technology, as well as special minors in musical theater for music majors and theatre majors.

Music Minor, 19 credit hours:

Students seeking the music minor have the opportunity to encounter the academic aspects of music (theory, history) as well as to continue to develop their musical skills through applied lessons and performances with our ensembles.

Music Technology Minor, 19 credit hours:

The music technology minor at the Glenn Korff School of Music offers an extensive set of classes in recording, production, digital interfaces and computer science.

Musical Theatre Minor (Vocal music majors only)

Music Minor (for theatre majors only)

25 credit hours:

Building upon the foundation of a music or theatre undergraduate degree this minor offers students the opportunity to fully explore the world of musical theatre through dance and music or theatre classwork and performance.

Dance Minor, 18 credit hours:

The dance minor at the Glenn Korff School of Music offers students seeking other degrees a platform to express themselves and connect with others through dance performance and classwork.