Solo Concerto Competition Application

Solo Concerto Competition Application

Incomplete applications will not be accepted. Please have all information ready before submitting the form. Rules and guidelines for the competitions are contained in the handbooks on the School of Music webpage. Links: Undergraduate Rules, Graduate Rules Please direct questions to Tom Larson at or Nathan Koch at
Undergraduate or Graduate level: *
Please contact your applied teacher or area head for more information on preliminary rounds.

You must receive your applied teacher's approval before submitting this form. The information on this form will be e-mailed to your applied teacher. Without their permission, you will not be able to compete in the preliminary round.

Please enter title information below exactly as it should appear in the program.

You are required to bring one copy of the score for the judges at the preliminary round and the final round.

All selections are subject to final approval by the accompanying ensemble director.

Will your collaborative pianist require a page turner? *

Example: ( 2 2 2 2 - 4 3 3 0 - tmp - hp - str )

If you do not provide complete information, your application will not be accepted!

For orchestral instrumentation the following sources are available in the Music Library:

  • Orchestral Music: A Handbook, by David Daniels 1982 Music REF ML 128 05 D3
  • Orchestral Music in Print, by Margaret K. Farish, ed. 1979 (supplements: 1983, 1994) Music REF ML 128 05 F33

For wind ensemble instrumentation contact Dr. Carolyn Barber at

By submitting this application form, you are agreeing to be available, with your collaborative pianist, at any point during the final round of the competition (Graduate- Sunday, October 31st at 6 pm, Undergraduate- Monday, November 1st at 6 pm). If you have conflicts during these times, we cannot guarantee to be able to work around them.