Emerging Media Arts electives in Immersive + Interactive Media include courses in using game engines for real-time performances, virtual and augmented realities, interactive and immersive environments, chat bots, Artificial Intelligence voice assistants, and the Internet of Things (which includes technologies such as smart home automation).

Game Engines for Real-time Performances (EMAR 240)

Prerequisites: Story Lab II (EMAR 111), Visual Expression Studio II (EMAR 141), Compuation & Media Studio II (EMAR 161), and major in Emerging Media Arts. 

Exercise artistic processes within a game engine and while using real-time rendering. Focuses on the application of performance using motion capture and body data as the primary input for motion-based programming such as avatar control, sound, lighting, and visual effects as body driven outputs. This project-based and collaboration-oriented course results in a team-led performance for an audience.

Principles of Interactivity (EMAR 342)

Prerequisite: Major in Emerging Media Arts

Introduction to how humans interpret visual, tactile and auditory phenomena, and how these perceptions inform their actions in both the physical and digital worlds. Students will learn the principles and foundations of game design, and a range of game types, interfaces and experiences (be they digital, physical, aural, visual or haptic), that get people to take the action you intended them to take.

Creating Virtual Worlds (EMAR 440)

Prerequisite: Digital Modeling I (EMAR 282)

Learn concept development, prototyping, design and production of interactive VR experiences.

Creating Augmented Worlds (EMAR 442)


Learn concept development, prototyping, design and production of augmented reality and holographic experiences.

Detailed Curriculum and Degree Information Sample 4-Year Plan


  • Game Designer
  • Virtual Reality
  • Mobile Media
  • App Designer
  • IOT Data Creative
  • Technology Interactives Research and Development
  • Interaction Designer
  • UX (User Experience) Design Lead
  • Video Game Director
  • Video Game Designer

Other Areas of Emphasis

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