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About The Program

The Glenn Korff School of Music offers Bachelor of Music and Master of Music degrees in history, theory and composition, as well as a Doctor of Music degree in composition.

Undergraduate Program informationBM, Bachelor of Music

Undergraduate students interested in studying either music theory or music history as their major typically enroll in our Bachelor of Music degree program. This curriculum provides ample opportunity to study applied performance and ensembles, as well as a primary focus on research about important music topics. The academic faculty in the Glenn Korff School of Music publish regularly in the most prestigious journals, encyclopedias and book publishers. They likewise present their scholarship around the world at important conferences of learned societies.

Our composition students most frequently enroll in our Bachelor of Music degree, although UNL is among very few institutions that permits and encourages composers who wish to achieve certification to teach music in the public and private schools to earn the BME degree.


The Music Education and Composition programs at the Glenn Korff School of Music support an exciting collaboration in the training of the next generation of composer-educators. More information here.

Graduate Program informationMM Composition, MM Music Theory, MM Music History, DMA Composition

The Glenn Korff School of Music offers degrees in: