High standards

The Hixson-Lied College of Fine and Performing Arts provides a challenging and supportive environment to help prepare you for your career goals. To expand beyond the university, students are encouraged to apply for Hixson-Lied Endowment funding for travel, conferences and special projects.

Professor Pete Pinnell holding and looking over a ceramic work a School of Art student who is sitting at a wheel in the ceramics studio is working on.

Classes that Create You

Through innovative curriculum and hands-on experiences, you will gain valuable skills in your classes to prepare you for your chosen career.

Conduct Research and Creative Activities

Students have the opportunity to work on research and creative activities alongside faculty members or on their own.

We're here to help you shape your future
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Connect with Faculty and Advisors

Faculty and staff foster a positive environment to help students align their passions with their career.

Gain Real-World Experience through Internships

Internships are important experiences to have in college to get a taste of your potential career journey.

We're here to help you shape your future
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Take your Academic Experience Further through Clubs

With more than 500 Registered Student Organizations, including several in each school in the Hixson-Lied College, you are bound to find your fit somewhere. Student organizations can connect you to like-minded students, as well as help you gain valuable experience in your own unique career path.