The Hixson-Lied College of Fine and Performing Arts policy on cheating is:

  1. Students are expected to be honest in all aspects of their academic work.
  2. Academic judgments about a student's work (including questions of cheating) are the responsibility of the instructor. (Normally disagreements are resolved by means of a conference between the student and the instructor.)
  3. When a student has been judged by the instructor to have cheated the student may be given a grade of an F on that assignment by the instructor and if the work in question is the final examination or some large proportion of the work for the course, the F may be given for the whole course.
  4. If the student disputes the instructor's finding of academic dishonesty, the matter shall be referred to the UNL Judicial Officer as required by the UNL policy on Academic Dishonesty.
  5. Appeals rights of the student
    1. The instructor must inform a student of the right of appeal at the time the student is accused of cheating.
    2. If a student feels he or she is treated unjustly, the student may take the case to his or her department or school's Grading Appeals Committee.
    3. The student may appeal the departmental committee's decision to the College Grading Appeals Committee if he or she is not satisfied.