By mid-term of the first semester of study, the student should submit a proposed Supervisory Committee to the Graduate Committee for approval. The Supervisory Committee must have at least four members, all of whom shall be Graduate Faculty. The student begins the process by asking a graduate faculty member in his or her major area to serve as chair of the Supervisory Committee. The Supervisory Committee Chair must be a member of the Graduate Faculty of the Glenn Korff School of Music. Duties include assisting the student in preparing the Program of Studies, preparing and evaluating recitals (DMA), organizing the Comprehensive Examination, guiding research for the document, and serving as chair of the Final Oral Examination. In those instances where the applied faculty member is not a member of the Graduate Faculty, he or she serves as co-chair with a designated Graduate Faculty Member. The student and the chair of the committee then ask three additional Graduate Faculty members (all voting members of the Supervisory Committee must be members of the Graduate Faculty) to serve. One must be from the student's major area, one must be a music faculty member from outside the major area, and one must be a UNL faculty member from outside the Glenn Korff School of Music. If the student designates a minor or related area of study, a Graduate Faculty Member from the minor or related area must also be represented on the Supervisory Committee. This Committee member might also be functioning as the "outside-the-School" member. The student may petition the Graduate Committee to include additional committee members, including members who do not hold Graduate Faculty status (non-voting), but who may bring needed expertise to the Committee. The outside member is invited, but not required to attend recitals. However because the outside member is required to sign the candidacy form and document, he/she is expected to attend the comprehensive orals and the document defense. In the event the outside member cannot attend, either may proceed with three Graduate Faculty present. The chair of the Supervisory Committee and the student complete the form titled Appointment of a Supervisory Committee for the Doctoral Degree (found at and submit it to the Glenn Korff School of Music Graduate Secretary for approval.

Occasionally a student will wish to change their applied music instructor. Permission for any change in applied studio assignment must come from the area head.  It is not admissible to sign up for a different section of applied lessons without the approval of the area.