Music Interviews and Auditions

Do I need an audition, an interview, or both?

For details about your program's requirements, refer to Music: Graduate Application and Audition Process and select your program. NOTE: Because applicants for the MM Music Education Specialization do not need either an audition or an interview, they do not need to read further in this “Music Interviews and Auditions” section. Please refer directly to

How do I schedule an audition or submit compositions (if required)?

After you submit your application to the UNL Office of Graduate Studies and receive a confirmation email (and a UNL ID), click Go to Form to complete your Glenn Korff School of Music Graduate Audition & Interview & Assistantship Questionnaire Form.  ALL applicants should complete this form regardless of their audition method so that they can be considered for assistantships. 

READ CAREFULLY: There are 3 ways in which the audition (if required) may be completed:

1) (Preferred)Audition in-person on the Graduate Audition Day, January 27, 2024, for most specializations except Conducting. Please be available the entire day of January 27, 2024, between 8 a.m. and 5 p.m. You will schedule by 1. filling out the Music Graduate Audition & Interview & Assistantship Questionnaire Form and 2. working through the GKSOM auditions coordinator. 

2) OR Audition in person at a time arranged with the Area Head.  This option should be selected only by conducting applicants and applicants for other specializations that have a conflict with the January 27. 2024, in-person audition. (See the list of Area Heads in the "Schedule interview" question below.)

3) OR Audition via VIDEO. This option, not available to those auditioning for entrance into a Conducting program, should be selected only by applicants who have a conflict with January 27, 2024, live, in-person audition. Persons who select this option must upload their video via SlideRoom by 5 p.m. Central Time on Saturday, January 27, 2024.. A SlideRoom account can be created by going to and clicking on “Apply Now.” Once the account has been created, scroll down on this page and select “GKSOM-2023 Graduate Application Material Submission” It is recommended that you complete your video audition upload before 6 p.m. Eastern Time on Friday, January 26, 2024, in case you have technical issues and need to talk to SlideRoom technical support. SlideRoom technical support will not be open on Saturday, January 27, 2024. Detailed information about uploading your files can be found on SlideRoom.  

Where do I submit scholarly materials (if required)?

Scholarly materials, e.g., papers required for MM Music History, MM Music Theory, or PhD programs, are submitted as part of the graduate application process.

How do I schedule an interview (if required)?

If you are planning to audition in person (option 1 above) on January 27, 2024 (or January 29, 30, 31, 2024 if auditioning for a Conducting program), your interview will be arranged as part of your live audition scheduling. You need to do nothing more.

If you are planning to audition in person at a time arranged with the Area Head (option 2 above) or via video (option 3 above), you will need to contact your Area Head below to schedule your interview (after you have submitted your application and received a confirmation email).

NOTE:  Interviews are required for ALL doctoral applications.  Only those areas marked below as "MM" require MM interviews.

If you have questions about your application, email Graduate Enrollment Coordinator Ben Sobel.  

If you have general questions, about the audition scheduling process, email Auditions Coordinator Kirsten Drennon.