Technique Class

What is Technique Class?

The UNL Technique Classes, required for Freshman and Sophomore clarinet majors, are designed to aid the student in their organization of their daily practice of scale and technique material. In a weekly group lesson led by a graduate teaching assistant, each class consists of group and individual performance of each week's assigned exercises chosen from a variety of scale and technique material. The weekly assignments are also utilized in the student's applied private lesson. By the end of the sophomore year the student has learned to organize their daily practice of scales and technique by building a firm foundation of tools to use "on his/her own" in daily practice. Throughout the junior and senior years (and graduate levels), additional technique material is assigned based on the individual needs of the student.

Warm-up Packet

Clarinetists are fortunate to have an abundance of scale and technique literature, but are often quite overwhelmed as to how to organize that material into a daily routine. While some people prefer to have a set routine for their daily practice of scales and technique, a variety of routines often makes for more efficient and "entertaining" practice for the student (and professional). No matter what your routine, it is best to always incorporate proper warm up of the embouchure and wind, the fingers (individual digit warm ups and combination of digits), articulation, and the coordination between the fingers and the articulation. Click the ClarinetWarmUpClarinet WarmUp B, BurkeFingerExercises, BurkeLongToneStudies, and OppermanStaccatoDrill to download the studio warm-up packets.