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Spotlighting Creative Activities & Research of Faculty & Alumni

A podcast about the creative activities and research of the faculty and alumni of the Hixson-Lied College of Fine and Performing Arts at the University of Nebraska–Lincoln. Hosted by Associate Dean Christopher Marks.

Benito Sanchez | Episode 7

Benito Sanchez received a B.F.A. in Theatre–Film and New Media from the Johnny Carson School of Theatre and Film in 2013. He is currently working as an assistant for film director Matt Reeves on the upcoming new entry in the Batman franchise, “The Batman”. He talks about his work on that film, his background as a student, and his aspirations for the future.

Header Image Credit: Warner Bros., DC Entertainment and 6th and Idaho Productions

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Katie Anania | Episode 6

Katie Anania is an assistant professor of art history. She specializes in modern and contemporary art of the Americas, with a focus on environmental art history, feminism, and queer theory. She discusses her current book project, Out of Paper: Drawing, Environment, and the Body in 1960s America and how art history integrates with scientific research.

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Jesse Fleming | Episode 5

Jesse Fleming is an Assistant Professor in the Johnny Carson Center for Emerging Media Arts. He has done work in film, multimedia, and virtual reality. His latest research is in how VR can be used to teach mindfulness and visualize quantum physics.

Header image: Jesse Fleming’s “Jane the Baptist” (Installation View, 2017) at Five Car Garage gallery in Los Angeles. Photo by Aaron Maclachian.

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Dana Fritz | Episode 4

Dana Fritz is a Hixson-Lied Professor of Art in the School of Art, Art History & Design. Her work often focuses on how the natural world collides with artificially created environments. Her latest project is a book of photographs taken at the Nebraska National Forest.

Header Image: Dana Fritz, "Pocket Field Guide to a Hybrid Landscape."

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Hye-Won Hwang | Episode 3

Hye-Won Hwang is an Assistant Professor of Practice in Dance. Hye-Won’s research and creative activity revolves heavily around expression of cultural identity. She discusses her formative experiences in dance and how her work with dance has been impacted by cultural identity.

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Marques Garrett | Episode 2

Marques L.A. Garrett is Assistant Professor in choral conducting in the Glenn Korff School of Music. Marques’ research and performance showcase the work of black choral conductors. He discusses his experience as a student at Hampton University and his interest in the choral composer R. Nathaniel Dett.

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Sandra Williams | Episode 1

Sandra Williams is an Associate Professor of Art. In this episode, she discusses how her art focuses on the natural world, especially animals, and how humans have impacted the environment. She also talks about her passion for community art and her class on street art.

Header Image: Sandra Williams, "The Dance of the Animal Brides."

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