Previous Alumni Board Award Winners


Student Leadership Award: Candace Nelson (Theatre, UG)
Alumni Achievement Awards: Karen Blessen (Art), A. Kevin Kaisershot (Music) and Matthew Miller (Theatre)
Award of Merit: Liana K. Sandin


Student Leadership Award: Desiree Bartels (Theatre, UG)
Alumni Achievement Awards: Lawrence McFarland (Art), Dr. Lance Nielsen (Music) and Patricia Raun (Theatre)
Award of Merit: Rev. Stephen Griffith and MarySue Harris


Student Leadership Award: Emma Gruhl (Theatre, UG)
Alumni Achievement Awards: Marcia B. Goldenstein (Art), Dr. Robert H. Woody (Music) and Jim Hanna (Theatre & Film)
Award of Merit: Leta Powell Drake and Phil Perry


Student Leadership Award: Bryan Howard (Theatre, UG)
Alumni Achievement Awards: Susan Puelz (Art), Barbara Zach (Music) and Nancy Marcy (Theatre)
Award of Merit: Lucy Buntain Comine
Faculty Service Award: Janice Stauffer, Johnny Carson School of Theatre and Film


Student Leadership Award: Savannah Kurtz (Theatre and Film)
Alumni Achievement Awards: Maureen Mills (Art), Dr. Alan J. Wenger (Music) and Crystal Craft (Theatre and Film)
Award of Merit: Glenn Korff and Mary Riepma Ross
Faculty Service Award: Laurel Shoemaker


Student Leadership Award: Lindsay Clausen (Art), and Emily Martinez (Theatre and Film)
Alumni Achievement Awards: Michael Strand (Art), Robert C. Snider (Music) and Tim Croshaw (Theatre and Film)
Award of Merit: Ann Blomquist Poll
Faculty Service Award: Ian Borden, Johnny Carson School of Theatre and Film


Student Leadership Award: Allison Holdsworth (Art)
Alumni Achievement Awards: Jim Wilson Cantrell (Art), Stephanie R. Taylor (Music) and Ahna Packard (Theatre)
Award of Merit: William Tomek


Student Leadership Award: Cristina Skinner (Theatre) and Kaitlyn Williams (Film)
Alumni Achievement Awards: Wendy Jane Bantam (Art), Dr. Dennis Keith Cox (Music) and David Duffy (Theatre)
Award of Merit: Richard Hay
Faculty Service Award: Gail Kendall, Department of Art and Art History


Student Leadership Award: Candice Behrmann (Music) and Trent Stork (Theatre)
Alumni Achievement Awards: Peggy Gomez (Art), Dr. Sharon Hansen (Music), John C. Stark (Theatre)
Award of Merit: Harley Jane Kozak


Student Leadership Award: Sarah Barnard-Blitz (Art)
Alumni Achievement Awards: Thomas J. Riesing (Art), Dr. Laurie Scott (Music), Breanna Benjamin (Theatre)
Award of Merit: Larry and Bets Frederick
Faculty Service Award: Jon Nelson


Student Leadership Award: Matt Miller (Theatre) and Kimberly Thomas (Art)
Alumni Achievement Awards: Christopher Ervin (Art), Eugene O'Brien (Music), Alan Nielsen (Theatre)
Award of Merit: Ernie Weyeneth
Faculty Service Award: Dan Howard


Student Leadership Award: Joy Barlean (Undergrad-Theatre) and Jeffrey Richmond (Graduate-Music)
Alumni Achievement Awards: Dr. Anne El-Omami (Art), Dr. Lawrence Gwozdz (Music) and Phyllis Gates (Theatre)
Award of Merit: Jim and Rhonda Seacrest
Faculty Service Award: Tice L. Miller (Theatre)


Student Leadership Awards: Sarah Hranac (Undergrad-Music) and Caitlin Applegate (Graduate-Art)
Alumni Achievement Awards: John Nygren (Art), Frank Tirro (Music) and Robert Askey (Theatre)
Award of Merit: Ann Rawley


Student Leadership Award: Heather Morris (Undergrad-Art) and Chris Werner (Graduate-Music)
Alumni Achievement Awards: Bruce Conner (Art), Col. Gary Lamb (Music) and Kent Broadhurst (Theatre)
Award of Merit: Joseph Ruffo


Student Leadership Award: Mary Anderson (Art)
Alumni Achievement Awards: Lawrence Reger (Art), Dieter Kober (Music) and James Baffico (Theatre)
Award of Merit: Pace Woods


Student Leadership Award: Abigail Miller (Theatre)
Alumni Achievement Awards: James D. Butler (Art); Bob Hall and Sandy Veneziano (Theatre); and Vaughn Jaenike (Music)
Award of Merit: Col. Jack Rokahr


Student Leadership Award: Chad Houk (Music)
Alumni Achievement Awards: Carol Haerer (Art); Robert Nelson (Music); Daniel Proett (Theatre)
Award of Merit: Christina M. Hixson


Student Leadership Award: Kaitlin Byrd (Theatre)
Alumni Achievement Awards: Margaret Furlong (Art), Richard Svoboda (Music) and Daniel Stratman (Theatre)
Award of Merit: David Landis and Dennis Schneider


Student Leadership Award: Amy Ballou (Music Education)
Alumni Achievement Awards: Betty Kjelson (Art); Henry H. Blake Jr. (Theatre); and Charles Krutz (Music)
Award of Merit: Sen. LaVon Crosby


Student Leadership Award: Andrew Strain (Music)
Alumni Achievement Awards: Ruth Rosekrans Hoffman (Art); Theodore Brunson (Music); and Alan Schuster (Theatre)
Award of Merit: Art Thompson


Student Leadership Award: Shawna Anderson (Music) and William Bitunjac (Art)
Alumni Achievement Awards: Suzanne Wise (Art), Helen Laird (Music) and Richard Maulsby (Theatre)
Award of Merit: Norman Geske (Art) and Ron Hull (ETV)


Student Leadership Award: David Cole (Music)
Alumni Achievement Awards: Neil Christensen (Art), Dr. Lee Kjelson (Music) and Judith Hart (Theatre)
Award of Merit: Julie Hagemeier (Theatre)


Student Leadership Award: Benjamin J. Strain (Music)
Alumni Achievement Awards: T.L. Solien (Art), William Hatcher (Music) and Robert Schanke (Theatre)
Award of Merit: Marguerite Hac (Music) and William (Laurie) & Anne Porter (Theatre Arts and Dance)


Student Leadership Award: Laurie Lashbrook (Music)
Alumni Achievement Awards: Robert Culver Jr. (Art), Frederick Gaines (Theatre) and Jack Snider (Music)
Award of Merit: none


Student Leadership Award: Anne Madison (Music)
Alumni Achievement Awards: Gene Bedient (Music) and Steven Yates (Art)
Award of Merit: Dean Tschetter (Theatre)