32nd Annual Juried Undergraduate Exhibition opens at Eisentrager-Howard Gallery

Maddie Hinrichs, “apartment,“ oil on canvas, 24” x 30” x2”, 2018.
Maddie Hinrichs, “apartment,“ oil on canvas, 24” x 30” x2”, 2018.

32nd Annual Juried Undergraduate Exhibition opens at Eisentrager-Howard Gallery

calendar icon04 Feb 2019    

Lincoln, Neb.—The University of Nebraska–Lincoln’s Eisentrager-Howard Gallery in Richards Hall will host the “32nd Annual Juried Undergraduate Exhibition.” This year’s show is comprised of 76 works of art and design and features 47 undergraduate art students from the School of Art, Art History & Design.

It opens Monday, Feb. 4 and closes with a reception on Friday, Feb. 15 from 5-7 p.m. in the Gallery. Awards will be announced at 6 p.m.

Awards that will be given include: Dean’s Purchase Award, Director’s Purchase Award, Faulkner Freshman Award, Faulkner Sophomore Award, Faulkner Memorial Awards  and Entry Fee Awards.

The students participating in the exhibition include:
Ceyenna Barnhill, B.F.A. studio art
Carolyn Brady, B.A. studio art
Keith D. Buswell, B.F.A. art, Dec. 2018
Ely Bulnes, B.A. studio art
Austin Coudriet, B.F.A. studio art
Ian Cuevas, B.F.A. studio art
Shay Chamberlain, B.F.A. studio art
Allison Diesing, B.F.A. studio art
Miranda Finn, B.A. graphic design
Quentin Fortney, B.A. studio art
Shelby Freehling, B.F.A. studio art
Eden Gose, B.F.A. graphic design
Alexis Hagstrom, B.A. studio art
Conner Harter, B.F.A. studio art
Maddie Hinrichs, B.F.A. studio art
Minh Hoang, B.A. graphic design, Dec. 2018
Tyler Hornby, B.F.A. studio art
Shannon Johnson, B.F.A. studio art
Sophie Johnson, B.F.A. studio art
Alyssa Kobza, B.F.A. studio art
Mariah Livingston, B.F.A. studio art
Sam Loeffler, B.F.A. studio art
Luis Martinez, B.F.A. studio art
Alyssa May, B.F.A. studio art
Kelly Neuhaus, Psychology (art minor)
Ly Nguyen, B.F.A. studio art
Sa Nguyen, B.F.A. studio art
Emma Orwen, B.F.A. studio art
Grace Orwen, B.F.A. studio art
Patrick Pantoja, B.F.A. studio art
Gretchen Payne, B.F.A. studio art
Thalia Rodgers, B.F.A. studio art
Megan Rhoades, B.F.A. studio art
Emily Salisbury, B.F.A. studio art
Devi Seshadri, B.F.A. graphic design
Oria Simonini, B.F.A. art, Dec. 2018
Maris Stebbing, Philosophy (art minor)
Emily Thompson, B.A. studio art
Christian Torres, B.F.A. studio art
Christopher Vovra, B.F.A. studio art
Danley Walkington, B.F.A. art, Dec. 2018
Keli Wheeler, B.F.A. studio art
Katharen (Hedges) Wiese, B.F.A. art, Dec. 2018
AJ Wiley, B.F.A. graphic design
Tian (Summer) Xia, B.F.A. studio art
Danielle Young, B.A. studio art and English
Shara Yumul, Microbiology (art minor)

This year’s jurors were Nancy Friedemann-Sánchez and Charley Friedman— artists, educators and owner/operators of FIENDISH PLOTS. This artist-run initiative and exhibition space located in Lincoln hosts interdisciplinary exhibitions, salons, and critiques of seasoned artists from Lincoln and Brooklyn, New York. For more information about the jurors, please visit https://www.fiendishplots.com/about-us.

The Eisentrager-Howard Gallery is located on the first floor of Richards Hall on the University’s city campus at Stadium Drive and T streets. Gallery hours are Monday-Friday, 12:30-4:30 p.m. Admission to the gallery is free and open to the public.

For more information, call the School of Art, Art History & Design at (402) 472-5522.