Dr. Kevin Hanrahan

The Glenn Korff School of Music has an historic and continuing commitment to teaching and research in the area of pedagogy. This commitment naturally is integral to our approach to music education at all degree levels (BME, MM, Ph.D.) and, moreover, finds particular focus in the Ph.D. in Music with an emphasis in Vocal Pedagogy.

The Ph.D. program prepares researchers, professors, performers and other professional leaders with the skills, values, and intellectual rigor needed for the most advanced leadership and investigation for music study. Thus the purpose of this more advanced degree emphasis is to not only provide students with a thorough grounding in the discipline of vocal pedagogy, but also to provide them with a rigorous background in research skills and methodologies, while allowing for continued development of their performance skills. Students will be equipped with a doctoral-level education, encompassing theoretical knowledge, research skills, and practical applications to instructional settings. Our graduates are prepared for leadership roles as productive scholars and pedagogues in institutions of higher education, government, or community music schools.

Vocal Pedagogy is under the supervision of Dr. Kevin Hanrahan. He is (tenured) Associate Professor of Voice and Vocal Pedagogy at the Glenn Korff School of Music, where he has taught since 2005. He earned the BFA in Vocal Performance at Carnegie Mellon University (1997), and the MM in Opera Performance (2002) and the DMA in Vocal Performance (2005) at Arizona StateUniversity. Dr. Hanrahan is both an active concert artist and a published scholar. In addition, Dr. Hanrahan is the founder of the Glenn Korff School of Music Voice Lab. Research activities include a continuing investigation of the relationship between the second vowel formant and adduction, the effect of hearing in the training of singing, and the use of technology to assess vocal potential in young singers.

Dr. Kevin Hanrahan (khanrahan2@unl.edu)
Coordinator, Graduate Vocal Pedagogy