Ph. D. Vocal Pedagogy - Degree Content

The degree allows for the following possibilities: a voice science centered degree (Science Track), a literature centered degree (Literature Track), or a mixture of the two.  

Major Course Work 33 cr
Supporting Course Work 27 cr
Research 30 cr
Total: 90 cr

27-32 credits may transfer in from MM with 45 credits max.

Major Course Work

MUSC 870 Vocal Pedagogy I 3 cr
MUSC 971 Vocal Pedagogy II 3 cr
MUSC 894 Internship (Voice Practicum) 3 cr
SLPA 865 Voice Disorders 2 cr
MUAP 901 Applied Voice (6 semesters) 18 cr
MUSC 872 Art Song II 3 cr
  Pedagogy Total: 32 cr
Teaching Outcomes    
MUSC 898 Public Teaching Demonstration 1 cr
MUSR 98 Lecture Recital 0 cr
  Teaching Outcomes Total: 1 cr
Major Course Work Total: 33 cr

Supporting Coursework

MUSC 8/900 History 3 cr
MUSC 8/900 Theory 3 cr
MUSC Other Music Courses 3 cr
MUED 982 College Teaching in Music 3 cr
  Total: 12 cr

Electives or Related Area

SLPA Speech Pathology Courses 0-15 cr max
(Science Track 12 cr min.)
MUSC/MUED Music or Music Education Electives 0-15 cr max
(Literature Track 12 cr min.)
  See list of Approved Electives  
  Total: 15 cr

Science Methods

EDPS 859 Statistical Methods 3 cr
MUED 980 or EDPS 900K Quant. Or Qual. Research/Alt. Design 3 cr
SLPA 854 Research Methods 3 cr
SLPA/EDPS Research Methods (see list of approved electives) 3 cr
  Total: 12 cr

Literature Methods

EDPS 859 Statistical Methods 3 cr
MUED 843 Intro to Research in Music Education 3 cr
GERM/FREN 803 Advanced Grammar 3 cr
MUSC 898 Special Topics: Bibliography for Vocal Music Pedagogues 1 cr
MUSC 836 Intro to Grad Studies 2 cr
  Total: 12 cr


MUSC --- Voice Research Colloquium 0 cr
MUSC 999 Dissertation 18 cr
  Total: 18 cr
  Research Total: 30 cr

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Assumes transfer credit from a Master of Music degree previously awarded.  For those with related degrees such as a Master of Science in Speech Language Pathology, please contact the program coordinator, Kevin Hanrahan, about transfer credits.

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Assumes a Bachelor degree in Music