Scholarships & Financial Aid

Scholarships & Financial Aid

All forms of financial aid are intended primarily to underwrite the education of the student. They may take into account financial need, or instead, be merit-based. Scholarships and financial aid are available for qualified undergraduate music students from the university and, separately, from the Hixson-Lied College of Fine and Performing Arts, and from the Glenn Korff School of Music.

Financial Help From the University

For information and advice concerning scholarships and financial aid from the university, including scholarships offered by UNL for freshman students, transfer students, and current undergraduate students ("Upperclass Scholarships"), as well as other kinds of financial assistance (such as, but not limited to, Pell Grants, University Loans, other public and private scholarships, Guaranteed Student Loans, Job Location and Development, Work Study and Campus Employment), students and prospective students should contact the UNL Office of Scholarships & Financial Aid (Room 17, Canfield Administration Building, 402-472-2030; The Office website is located at

Glenn Korff School of Music Scholarships

The criteria followed in awarding a Glenn Korff School of Music Scholarship are exclusively merit-based, and include academic excellence and musicianship. As a rule, Glenn Korff School of Music scholarships are awarded only to first-time-in-college students and transfers who audition on or before the final Audition Day in February each year. All students who successfully pass an audition for admission to the Glenn Korff School of Music are automatically considered for scholarship aid from the School. Continuing music students, upon the recommendation of their applied studio teacher, may be considered for new or increased scholarship aid from the School of Music during the same decision period for all aid from the School that immediately follows the final Audition Day.

Students requiring additional financial underwriting and assistance due to serious financial need should apply at the UNL Office of Scholarships & Financial Aid.

All scholarship awards are made by the Director of the Glenn Korff School of Music upon recommendation by the faculty. The stipulations governing the awards, including the duties and obligations attached thereto, are determined by the Director in consultation with the appropriate University of Nebraska official(s) or group(s). Scholarship support for each music student is reviewed each semester of the year.

Scholarship offers from the Glenn Korff School of Music go out to students in the first week of April. A reply to accept or decline the offer must be made by May 1. Students awarded a Glenn Korff School of Music Scholarship should expect half the amount of the total annual award to be applied to the tuition for each academic semester. Exceptions to this procedure are rare and are authorized by the Director of the Glenn Korff School of Music on a case-by-case basis.

As policy, the Glenn Korff School of Music typically provides undergraduate music scholarship support for not more than eight (8) semesters for first-time-in-college students in our BM, BA, and BME degree programs. UNL music students who cannot complete their degrees in 8 semesters for financial reasons are encouraged strongly to inquire with the UNL Office of Scholarships and Financial Aid for additional financial help.