Checksheet - Music Minor

Note: Students must successfully pass an audition to be accepted as a minor in music.

Total Minimum Required Credits = 18

18 cr = Eight (8) credits of lessons and large ensembles, plus four credits of elementary theory (MUSC 165 & 165A), six (6) additional credits of classroom classes, and two semesters of MUSR 68 Recitals.

Music Applied Lessons: 4 Credits (4 Semesters of the Same Instrument or Voice)


  MUAP 1xx - Applied Lessons

1 Credit


  MUAP 1xx - Applied Lessons

1 Credit


  MUAP 1xx - Applied Lessons

1 Credit


  MUAP 1xx - Applied Lessons

1 Credit

Large Ensembles: 4 Credits (4 Semesters of “Approved” Ensembles, 1 Per Semester, Taken Concurrently With Applied Lessons)

Note: Use the MUDC alpha-prefix and the 2xx number.


  MUDC 2xx - Any approved ensemble

1 Credit


  MUDC 2xx - Any approved ensemble

1 Credit


  MUDC 2xx - Any approved ensemble

1 Credit


  MUDC 2xx - Any approved ensemble

1 Credit

Approved Large Ensemble List






University Singers


Wind Ensemble

Chamber Singers


Symphonic Band   

All -Collegiate Choir


UNL Jazz Orchestra

University Chorale


UNL Big Band

Varsity Chorus


Campus Band

Vocal Jazz Ensemble


Marching Band

Big Red Singers

NOTE: Piano, organ, and guitar majors may select from any of the large ensembles listed above, or from Chamber Music (MUDC 352).

Recitals: Two (2) semesters (Best taken concurrently with the first two semesters of lessons and ensembles)


  MUSR 68 

0 Credit


  MUSR 68 

0 Credit

Classroom Courses: 10 credits, to include MUSC 165 (3 cr), MUSC 165A (1 cr), and six (6) credits of electives.

NOTE: All courses must be taken for a letter grade.

 Required Theory and Musicianship (4 cr):

 MUSC 165  Music Theory I (3 cr)

MUSC 165A  Aural Skills I (1 cr)

Music Classroom Electives (6 cr)

Select from:

MUNM 168 Beginning Jazz Improvisation (2 cr)

MUNM 189H University Honors Seminar (3 cr)

MUNM 198 Special Topics in Music (3 cr)

MUNM 201 Contemporary Issues in Music & the Arts (3 cr)

MUNM 268 Intermediate Jazz Improvisation (2 cr)

MUNM 275 Music in Film (3 cr)

MUNM 276G The Music Experience (3 cr)

MUNM 277 Art Music in the Western World (3 cr)

MUNM 280 World Music (3 cr)

MUNM 281 Music in Africa (3 cr)

MUSC 282 Introduction to Music Composition & Digital Audio Production (3 cr)

MUNM 287 The History of Rock Music (3 cr)

MUNM 301 Music & Sports: Performance & Perception (3 cr)

MUNM 302 Developing Artistry through Choral Singing (3 cr)

MUNM 370H Honors: Women Making Music (3 cr)

MUNM 386 History of Rock & Roll: Classic Artists (3 cr)

MUNM 387 History of American Jazz (3 cr)

MUNM 388 Arts of the 20th Century: 1900-1945 (3 cr)

MUNM 389 Arts of the 20th Century: 1945-Present (3 cr)

MUNM 450 American Cultural Perspectives through Popular Music & Guitar (3 cr)

MUSC 189H University Honors Seminar (3 cr)

MUSC 131 Keyboard Skills I (1 cr)

MUSC 132 Keyboard Skills II (1 cr)

MUSC 160 Music as Art, Discipline, & Profession (3 cr)

MUSC 166 Music Theory II (3 cr)

MUSC 166A Aural Skills II (1 cr)

MUSC 265 Music Theory III (3 cr)

MUSC 265A Laboratory-Music Theory III (1 cr)

MUSC 266 Music Theory IV (3 cr)

MUSC 266A Laboratory-Music Theory IV (1 cr)

MUAP 231 Keyboard Skills III (1 cr)

MUAP 232 Keyboard Skills IV (1 cr)