Grade & Time Requirements


For students on a GTA, a grade of B or better in all course work is required for continuance of the assistantship.

For all students, the minimum academic standard in order to earn graduate degree credit in a graduate course is obtained as follows:

a)  In non-elective* music courses, the minimum grade of B minus (B-) is required for graduate credit in graduate-only classes, i.e., in 900-level courses, or 800-level courses without 400-level counterparts. Applied lessons are an important example of such classes,. and as a further rule, they may not be taken on a pass/no pass basis.

b) In non-elective* music courses, the minimum grade of B is required for graduate credit in cross-listed grad/undergrad classes, i.e., in 800-level courses with 400-level counterparts. Here, the grade of B minus (B-) is not acceptable for graduate credit. Also, these courses may not be taken on a pass/no pass basis for graduate credit. 

c)   In a minor or related area outside music or in elective* courses in music, the minimum grade of C or pass is required in 800-level or 900-level courses. A grade of C minus (C-) is not acceptable.

d)   A maximum of three hours credit may be taken on an optional pass/no pass basis in a student’s program.

e)   A maximum of 9 credit hours may be taken in approved workshops.

f)   A maximum of 6 credit hours may be taken in Special Problems, Special Topics, or Independent Study.

 *NOTE: An elective course refers to any course in which the student has a free and open opportunity to select a course.  A scenario in which students may select from a menu of courses in order to fulfill degree requirements in a certain area (i.e., select a music theory course from among 3 different theory courses) does NOT constitute an elective course.

 A student who receives a grade below the minimum allowable for graduate credit may not continue in the degree program without permission from the Glenn Korff School of Music Graduate Committee. Typically, an under-achieving student will be placed on probation for a semester before a decision about continuing in the program is rendered. The standard for the retention of financial aid and other support will generally be much higher than that required to meet minimum academic standards.


The work required for the Master of Music degree must be completed within ten consecutive calendar years. If the course work exceeds this limit, the student should consult the Graduate Studies Bulletin for course revalidation procedures.


Students are not permitted to enroll in summer classes if they are aware of more than four planned absences within a particular summer session.