Large Ensemble Participation

All students enrolled in 7 or more credit hours and taking 2 or more credit hours of applied music lessons are required to participate in an approved ensemble within their applied major each semester they are enrolled in the Master of Music program. An audition must be taken for the Group I Ensemble. Students must register for a Group I Ensemble for one (1) credit if placed in that ensemble. In the event it is not possible to accommodate a student in a Group I Ensemble, participation in a Group IA Ensemble within the applied major area will fulfill the ensemble requirement. Keyboard and guitar majors may audition for any Group I ensemble or substitute faculty-coached chamber ensembles to fulfill this requirement. Composition majors fulfill the ensemble participation requirement according to their primary performance area.

A maximum of four (4) credit hours of large ensemble may be used to count toward the degree. All students participating in a large ensemble and/or a chamber ensemble in a given semester must register for an ensemble for a minimum of one (1) credit. Students participating in more than one ensemble (large or chamber) during the same semester may register for zero credit for the additional ensemble(s). If the student is not enrolled in the appropriate ensemble, then his/her credit hours of applied music instruction for the semester will be reduced to 1 credit hour.

Audition criteria for woodwind, brass, string, and percussion ensembles.

  • All auditions include sight-reading
  • The sight-reading material takes about 2 minutes and is selected by the ensemble directors.
  • Prepared audition material is selected by the applied teachers (approximately 4 minutes in length). These materials are available for Fall Semester Ensemble Auditions during juries in the preceding Spring Semester, and during the first week of classes in the Fall Semester for Spring Semester Ensemble Auditions.

Audition dates:

For Fall Semester Ensembles — Sunday through Wednesday, 1st week of classes

For Spring Semester Ensembles — Sunday through Wednesday, Fall Semester, 15th Week

Instrumental Large EnsemblesVocal Large Ensembles
Group I: Symphony Orchestra, Wind Ensemble, Jazz Orchestra Group I: University Singers, Chamber Singers
Group IA: Symphonic Band, Jazz Big Band

Group IA: City Campus Choir