M.M. - Jazz Studies

Important Dates

For priority consideration for funding (GTAs or fellowships), Graduate Applications must be completed by:

January 15th, 2019

(All Degrees Programs)

April 1st, 2019

(Summer MM-Music Educ ONLY)

Preferred graduate audition days:

February 8, 2019

Jazz auditions

February 9, 2019

All other graduate auditions, except conducting; conducting auditions will be arranged by the faculty

Submissions will be reviewed starting on January 15, 2019.

Application Checklist - Specific Requirements

You must begin by applying to the UNL Graduate College at: 
  •  To start the whole process you must complete the UNL Graduate College application form (with its $50 application fee), available on-line at  www.unl.edu/gradstudies
  • The Graduate College application will send you to an on-line site called G.A.M.E.S., where you will begin the specific application for the Glenn Korff School of Music. You can save material in G.A.M.E.S. and return to it via its own website (see below) to complete the music application.
Complete your application to the Glenn Korff School of Music through G.A.M.E.S. at:
  • You will need your NUID and Password to login to this application.
  • You must upload all transcripts into MyRed.  You will need one copy of transcripts of all undergraduate work and all previous graduate work (including all studies for which credit was granted; e.g. summer institutes such as Aspen or Interlochen). Further information can be found at: https://www.unl.edu/gradstudies/prospective/reqs#transcripts
  • We require:
    Undergraduate GPA = 2.75/4.00 scale
  • International Students (only) must enter their TOEFL score into G.A.M.E.S. and also have scores sent directly to UNL. Further information can be found at https://www.unl.edu/gradstudies/prospective/international/english   We require:
    TOEFL minimum = Paper-550  Internet-79 (IELTS 6.5)
  • You will need to provide contact information, including an email address, for each person from whom you wish a reference. Then for each one you must click the send request button to notify your reference writer.
  • You will request an Audition/Interview for the Saturday Graduate Audition Day in February, and submit any and all required creative/scholarly works, through G.A.M.E.S.; for video/audio submissions, you will be directed inside G.A.M.E.S. to another website called SlideRoom.
  • For M.M. Jazz Studies - Performance emphasis: see audition information below.
  • For M.M. Jazz Studies - Composition emphasis: submit creative/scholarly materials (see below).
Jazz Studies (Performance) Audition Information

To assist candidates in achieving success, the following requirements for the audition have been set by the area.  Please refer to the list below in planning your preparation.

  1. American Popular/Jazz Standard that utilizes common ii-V-I progressions (such as:  All the Things You Are, Have You Met Mrs. Jones, Stella By Starlight)
  2. Blues (using common ii-V-I progressions or "Bird Blues") in the key of your choice
  3. A selection based on "Rhythm Changes"
Jazz Studies (Composition) Creative/Scholarly Materials & Interview Information 
  1. Submit a portfolio of 3 to 5 scores (PDF), in an array of media and jazz genres, directly through G.A.M.E.S. Your audio/video files are handled through another website, SlideRoom, to which G.A.M.E.S. will direct you. The fee for audio submissions to Slideroom (up to five files) is $6. Portfolios should be submitted not less than 4 weeks in advance of the scheduled audition day.
  2. Schedule an interview/audition. To begin with, select the Saturday Graduate Audition Day in February within G.A.M.E.S.  You should then schedule the time of day of this interview directly by contacting the head of area Professor Tom Larson
    This personal interview with members of our composition faculty is required. Discussion topics may include your background as a composer and performer, your theory proficiency, and other relevant topics.


Master of Music

Option I - Plan A - Jazz Studies Emphasis

AreaCourseCredit HrsTotal Credits
Major Area Courses     19 hrs
  MUSC 867 Jazz Improvisation 3 hrs  
  MUSC 868 Jazz Pedagogy 3 hrs  
  MUSC 865 Jazz Theory 3 hrs  
  Select 6 credits from: 6 hrs  
     MUSC 837 Jazz History:  Origins to Bop (3) hrs  
     MUSC 838 Jazz History:  Post Bop (3) hrs  
     MUSC 898 ST:  Small Group Arranging (3) hrs  
     MUSC 898 ST:  Large Group Arranging (3) hrs  
  Large Ensemble 2-4 hrs  
     MUEN 845L  UNL Jazz Orchestra (0-1) hrs  
     MUEN 845M UNL Big Band (0-1) hrs  
  Chamber Music 0-2 hrs  
     MUEN 844Y  Jazz Small Groups (0-1) hrs  
  MUSR 98 Recital 0 hrs  
Other Music Studies (Music Core)     17 hrs
  MUAP/MUCP Applied Music/Composition 12 hrs  
  MUSC 836 Introduction to Graduate Studies 2 hrs  
  Select 3 credits from: 3 hrs  
     MUSC 941  Theory Pedagogy (3) hrs  
     MUSC 942  History Pedagogy (3) hrs
MUSR 68 - Recital Attendance (4 semesters) 0 hrs
    TOTAL 36 hrs