Option III - MM Conducting (Choral)

Master of Music

Option III - Choral Conducting Emphasis

Credit Hrs
Total Credits
Applied Music/
May be fulfilled by any of the below listed with approval of the instructor of the course
MUAP 8XX - Traditional applied studio lessons (if space is available)
MUSC 8XX -Performance area pedagogy course approved by advisor
MUEN 852 - Chamber Ensemble
3-4 hrs
Core Courses  
23 hrs
  MUAP 921 - Choral Conducting (over 4 semesters)
8 hrs
  MUSC 972x - Choral Literature (over 4 semesters)
4 hrs
  MUSC 836 - Intro to Grad Studies
2 hrs
  History and Theory
9 hrs
  Theory: (3 or 6 hrs)
  History: (3 or 6 hrs)
Other Music Courses  
6-7 hrs
  MUEN 8XX (Choral Ensembles) (4 semesters)
4 hrs
  MUSR 69-Master's Convocation (4 semesters)
0 hrs
Electives (approved  by advisor-e.g., choral conductor enrolling
in orchestral conducting, diction, etc.)
2-3 hrs
Conducting Project MUSC 995
3 hrs
36 hrs